Thursday, January 20

Platforms !

I lucked out big time last week and found 4 pairs of deadstock early 90s platform shoes made my Luichiny (footwear designer to Kiss and Prince, among others) - monster chunky heels, I'm talking 6" ! Im keeping 2 pairs for now, and selling 2 pairs on etsy. Plus a slightly more 'wearable' pair of vintage 90s Le Chateau (hands down best Canadian brand of the 90s) crushed velvet chunky platform sandals.
Grab em while you can!


  1. Are you the one I mailed about the shoes yesterday? Haha. Have to say that the last ones are amazing. If they are left the day that I have the money, I will definitely buy them :)

  2. Hehe yes that was me! :) They are CRAZY, I wish they were my size, I would keep them in a heartbeat. I love your blog, by the way!