Thursday, March 24

What Dreams are Made of

Some things that Ive been really into lately ; isolated cabins, the sultry yet sophisticaed 40s look, rustic and cozy decor, and the hunt for the perfect black trench coat.

Tuesday, March 22

New this week!

Some of my favourites from our last shoot - most of them are already up for sale in the shop!

Wednesday, March 16


Liv Tyler

As far as 'style icons' go, I've always had a major thing for Liv Tyler circa 90s, I also happen to think she's one of the most beautiful women of the past few decades.

Saturday, March 12

Sex Appeal

Im really quite obsessed with retro boudoir/burlesque imagery, here are some of my favourites. I especially love anything 40s, and Bettie Page is one of my all time female idols. She is the perfect woman, I'd say. Also Sophia Loren, Betty Grable, Marilyn Monroe, Tempest Storm, Brigitte Bardot, Jayne Mansfield ...