Sunday, October 23

The Pink Noise x Tarantula Sisters

Did an interview with my good friend Mark Sauner of The Pink Noise for my zine back in August. One night after a jam, we got drunk and he let me dress him up, throw glitter on his face, and April Lea took photos of it all.

Describe The Pink Noise.
Opposing forces creating an energy somewhere in-between.
What do you think about when you write songs?
Adoring beautiful things. Capturing something that has in itself,
caught my ear, eyes, or heart.
How has living in Saint-Henri influenced you and your music?
Saint Henry has only influenced my music as far as meeting people
in the neighborhood who could play in the band, and having a cheap
place to live or practice. Toronto was more of an inspiration in a way,
because I recorded all the records when I lived there. People on the
internet were already calling me French Canadian, even though I’m
not, and even before I moved to Montreal for some reason. They were
even spelling my name as Marc..
What local bands are good right now?
Bands that I have always liked have been Tonstartssbandht, Ultrathin,
Grand Trine…
If you had a radio show, what would you play?

If I had a radio show I would play a wide range of stuff that only I
would be totally into, that would make most people change the station.
The moment when things got too tacky for the snobs, or too weird for
the boring people.
What are the last 3 albums you've listened to?
I haven’t been listening to a lot of albums lately, because the pieces of
my sound system are in disparate places right now, so
I’m listening to single songs on youtube like everyone else. I like Love
Pains by Liza Minnelli, and Gonna Have a Funky
Good Time by James Brown.
Is being underrated overrated these days?
No. I think the amount of sarcasm and cynicism has kind of
skyrocketed because of the internet. People seem to want to tear things
down more than they want to support anything. I always thought it’s
better to mean a lot to a small number of people, than mean little to
a large number of people. It takes a long time to prove yourself in
music because there’s so many people doing it and because its rife
with fads, but underrated or overrated don’t really mean anything,
especially when you look back on bands in retrospect. It should be
more about personal taste and choice than putting down an artist
someone else likes that you “don’t get.”
Describe your man-cave/filthy hovel.
It’s a mess. It works for me.
What's a dream date with Mark Sauner like?
Instant connection, effortless.
If you could be someone's pet, who would that person be?
I’m not into S and M, but I’d choose Nigella Lawson or Christina
Hendricks, get it?
Guilty pleasures?
None, I don’t feel guilty about any pleasure.
Tea or coffee?
Meth or cocaine?
What's on the horizon for The Pink Noise?
I’m going to focus on being a better singer, lyricist and performer. I’m leaving the music to the rest of the band to create. I don’t smoke as much weed as before, so I don’t hear the drum beats, samples or melodies like I used to, or maybe I’ve played out all that I could/wanted. I hope to record with the new line-up on a higher fidelity than before, so we’re not simply known as a four track band. I’ve wanted to tour for a while now but don’t have the time or money to plan a tour at the moment.

Check him out here:
And buy his lastest LP - Gilded Flowers

+Thanks to Dane and Frencois for letting me borrow their creations.
++If you haven't picked up a copy of Tarantula Sisters Issue 1, do it now, less than 10 copies left!

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