Monday, December 5

Tarantula Sisters Zine Issue 2

Issue 2 of Tarantula Sisters Zine is out and available on Etsy! This one was truly a labor of blackened love, everyone featured is dear to my heart and really came together to make this evil little book happen.

illustrations by OLIVIA MEW
an interview and illustrations by DAN DRUFF (of Holy Cobras)
photos by YULI SATO
an illustration by RAYMOND BIESINGER (of The Famines)
a poem by ANDY CROSS (of Kill Squares)
an interview with GOODNIGHT,DAY
a short story by TAYLOR HOODLUM STEVENSON (of Abyssed)
a fashion photo story by APRIL LEA
a fashion editorial by OVATE
illustrations by JASON LEE RHYNO
a comic by WALTER SCOTT
+ an illustration by CRAIG NICE

Only 6 bones!
Right here:


  1. I can't believe I forgot to buy one of these on the week-end! :(

  2. I love tarantulas, i have two by my own