Tuesday, December 27

New blog !

Hi guys!

Life is so hectic these days, I've been completely neglecting this blog. I've decided to shut it down and just keep my tumblr, which I use for inspiration and post about my own brand Ovate, and some Tarantula Sisters stuff too.

ADD ME : ovate.tumblr.com

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(Photo: Alison Scarpulla for Ovate)

Monday, December 5

Tarantula Sisters Zine Issue 2

Issue 2 of Tarantula Sisters Zine is out and available on Etsy! This one was truly a labor of blackened love, everyone featured is dear to my heart and really came together to make this evil little book happen.

illustrations by OLIVIA MEW
an interview and illustrations by DAN DRUFF (of Holy Cobras)
photos by YULI SATO
an illustration by RAYMOND BIESINGER (of The Famines)
a poem by ANDY CROSS (of Kill Squares)
an interview with GOODNIGHT,DAY
a short story by TAYLOR HOODLUM STEVENSON (of Abyssed)
a fashion photo story by APRIL LEA
a fashion editorial by OVATE
illustrations by JASON LEE RHYNO
a comic by WALTER SCOTT
+ an illustration by CRAIG NICE

Only 6 bones!
Right here: http://www.etsy.com/listing/87670836/tarantula-sisters-zine-issue-2

Wednesday, November 23

Studio Visit

Sacha from Worn Fashion Journal came by last week to talk with me about vintage, handmade, and fashion zines. April took a few photos of my studio to accompany the interview.

The main floor/my workshop:

The mezzanine/my living space:

And the upper mezzanine/my bedroom:

New shoes in the shop!

Tuesday, November 15


Now let's talk about a few of my favourite zines lately.


Hate Fuck is probably my favourite zine, consistently ruling with amazing artwork, graphic design and photography by Give Up. I also have his book of the first 7 issues. Definitely worth every penny. The quality of the prints, paper, and overall design of his zines is the best I've seen. He often screen prints his covers, prints on vellum and transparency sheets, has fold-out pages, and he always throws in a bunch of posters, prints, stickers and other goodies.
Buy it here: http://giveup.bigcartel.com/


National Handbag is a hardcore punk and anti fast-fashion zine, I loved every second of reading it, laughed a bunch, even said "Hell yeah" out loud a few times. Interviews with inspiring women in different "industries". Clever and interesting content, good lay-out. If you're into: not having a "real job", bitching about mass-manufactured clothing, shoplifting, brewing your own bath-tub gin, doing acid, listening to hardcore, wearing weird stuff, then you'll seriously dig this. I know I do.
Buy it here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/hankandcompany?ref=seller_info


You guys all know how I love my black metal and these illustration zines by Xenoc Blood poke fun of it in the best possible way. I want to pull them apart and put them all over the walls of my studio. As much as I dig Satan and love the evil stuff, these zines make me smile, and I guess smiling is pretty much the opposite of kvlt.
Buy it here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/xenocBlood


Awesome UFO zine, great design and lay-out, on newsprint. Interview with an abductee, lots of charts and statistics, shit gets real with this one.
Buy it here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/treeswithknees


Lumped these two together for some stupid reason, maybe cause these aren't really 'new' and I've talked about them before. Cramhole is a super hilarious comic zine. Mongrel Zine is an awesome Canadian punk zine with great interviews, reviews, and always comes with a wicked compilation CD-R.
Buy Cramhole here: http://smellslikezines.bigcartel.com
Buy Mongrel Zine here:http://mongrelzine.wordpress.com


Guess I'll throw MRR in here, since it's basically the reason I ever got into zine culture, back when I used to steal old issues from my big brother. Pretty much the punk zine bible.
Buy it here/OR better yet subscribe to it here: http://maximumrocknroll.com/

Wednesday, November 9

New in the shop!

55 new items in the shop, starting tonight! Here are some of my favourites from the new haul.

All black.